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  • SwiftCash Facilitates Users to Store the Value with Decentralized Governance October 31, 2020
    SwiftCash deploys blockchain based on Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm in 2018, focusing on self-funded localized governance systems and the economy with a stable growth model. The SwiftCash team aims to improve the energy utilization of a blockchain like bitcoin, using the same security and daily transactions. The SwiftCash Green protocol uses a proof-of-stake algorithm. It can […]
  • Loopex Token (XLP) – A Global Platform to Trade Smarter October 30, 2020
    Loopex is a universal platform, offering various cryptocurrency assistances to its users. They organize cryptocurrency financial centers with the help of upgraded blockchain technologies. Their vocation is to prompt the exchange of cryptocurrencies to the next level. The Loopex team tries their best to make crypto trading as complacent, beneficial, safe, and secure as possible. […]
  • Cardano (ADA) Price Marks Gradual Fall; Trades around $0.090 October 30, 2020
    Cardano, the modern generation crypto that has made a breakthrough in the market after Bitcoin and Ethereum, is now one of the top 15 cryptos globally. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the coin has now plummeted below the 10th position, which otherwise was seen trading between the 5th to 10th position. Due to […]
  • TokenPay Payment Gateway – A Decentralised Payment Platform October 30, 2020
    The vision of TokenPay is to constitute a blockchain-based bank, covering all aspects of cryptography and security that will bring by the technology. Its cryptocurrency will use dual-key stealth addresses. These types of addresses enable the user to display or share their address publicly; however, any transaction to or from the address cannot be linked […]
  • Gulden (NLC) – One of the Oldest Blockchain Platform October 30, 2020
    Gulden is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform. It is one of the oldest and robust projects in the crypto ecosystem that was launched in April 2014. To probe in its history or evolution, it was initially created or formed to become the national cryptocurrency of the Netherlands; that is why its name is alike to the […]
  • Coinbase Card Now Available in the US for Payments and Purchases October 29, 2020
    Leading global crypto trading network Coinbase announced the launch of the Coinbase Card in the United States. As per the official tweet, Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that will allow users to spend their crypto for purchases and payments wherever Visa is accepted, and earn up to 4% crypto cashback in return. Crypto, […]
  • DigiByte Price Loses 45% from the YTD High Marked at $0.039 October 29, 2020
    DigiByte, which was otherwise seen trading with great strength from the YTD low marked at $0.00143 to hitting YTD high at $0.0390 with a spike of over 2600% recorded in 5-months. Alongside it, it was just at the onset of the week when a blockchain-focused investment bank, EGW Capital helps its clients with security token […]
  • AurumCoin – A Crypto Having its Own Blockchain Network October 29, 2020
    AurumCoin Overview Metallic gold has the symbol AU taken from the Latin name ‘Aurum.’ SHA256 cryptocurrency has also been given the acronym “AurumCoin (AU)” to symbolize it with pure gold; it is the first-ever gold-backed stablecoin that was founded in 2014. AurumCoin is the new form of cryptocurrency developed to revolutionize the innovative technology behind […]
  • Paycoin to Integrate with Chainlink to Access Exchange Rate APIs October 28, 2020
    Decentralized data oracle network Chainlink announced that South Korea’s leading crypto payments network Paycoin integrates with the platform. As per the official tweet, Paycoin will use Chainlink’s price feeds and exchange rate APIs for crypto payments across retail and e-commerce networks. It will also use Chainlink’s digital asset valuation for their upcoming DeFi products. Korean […]

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