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  • India Blockchain Week brings together the brightest minds in Web3 December 1, 2023
    India Blockchain Week (IBW), the country’s flagship series of blockchain and Web3 events held in Bangalore from December 04-10, is delighted to announce that the attendees are going to have unparalleled opportunities for networking, collaboration, and discussion at the weeklong festival. There will be over 60+ web3 events, including flagship events such as the headline […]
    Mark Peterson
  • Is Ripple (XRP) maintaining its leading position in the market trend? December 1, 2023
    Ripple (XRP) is a digital payment protocol facilitating fast and cost-effective cross-border transactions. The XRP ledger (XRPL) manages transactions on a decentralized blockchain, facilitating transactions through the Ripple transaction protocol (RTXP). In contrast to most cryptocurrencies, XRP is not mined over time; instead, its entire supply of 100 billion tokens was pre-established. Ripple’s unique technology, […]
    Roxanne Williams
  • The Rupee sees a modest gain against the USD in early trade November 30, 2023
    The Indian Rupee (₹) and the US Dollar ($) have been trading in a familiar territory for almost a month. The range is ₹81-₹84. The INR is currently at ₹83.30 for every US Dollar. However, the currency has been reported to have made some modest gains against the US counterpart in early trade.  A quick […]
    Scott Cook
  • CTO report unveils unbelievable comeback of Yen bulls, Surprising Dollar bets boost EUR/USD in a remarkable reversal November 30, 2023
    The latest CTO study revealed formerly unseen market insights, revealing a stunning change in the mechanics of currency trading. Contrary to popular belief, Yen Bulls unexpectedly emerged as the front-runners. These unexpected dollar bets changed market sentiment, and the EUR/USD trading environment is at the center of this economic revolution, where volatility and calculated moves […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Former shipping captain loses Rs 37 lakh in Forex scam November 30, 2023
    A former shipping captain was recently defrauded of Rs. 37 lakh through a fake forex trading app. The accused, Satish Gupta, was arrested by the Western Regional Cyber Police for duping the company captain.  The cyber police traced Rs. 27 lakhs of the lost money and arrested two more suspects who had facilitated the fraud, […]
    David Cox
  • Pando Asset files a new application for spot Bitcoin ETF November 30, 2023
    Pando Asset, a Switzerland-based company involved in asset management, has filed an S-1 form with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding consent for a spot bitcoin ETF.  While awaiting approval, the Pando Asset Spot Bitcoin (BTC-0.70%) Trust will continue to carry out trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the custodian being Coinbase. In the […]
    Trevor Holman
  • BlackRock revises its SEC/Nasdaq Bitcoin Spot ETF proposal November 30, 2023
    BlackRock has revised its proposal for the Bitcoin Spot ETF. The aim is to attract investors and balance the preferences of the SEC. BlackRock has been trying to enable trading in actual BTC; however, the SEC has sought caution in approving any such requests. The idea is to not link the product with the volatility […]
    David Cox
  • Abu Dhabi authorizes the IOTA ecosystem DLT Foundation under ADGM November 30, 2023
    IOTA Foundation has announced that it will now work with relevant authorities in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to boost its digital infrastructure. ADGM, an acronym for Abu Dhabi Global Market, has now registered the Foundation. This makes the IOTA Ecosystem DLT Foundation the first such player to have received approval. The Foundation currently aims to achieve […]
    Roxanne Williams
  • Solana and Cardano surge high, While investors move towards eTukTuk November 30, 2023
    Solana has captured much more attention in 2023 with its year-to-date gains of almost 330%, which could be just the starting point. The bullish long-term potential of Solana is based on the impressive performance metrics and explosive growth of activity and usage on the Solana network. Additionally, the network has made considerable headway in corporate […]
    Mark Peterson

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