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Christofer Wright
Christofer Wright is an experienced news writer and holds a journalism degree. Presently he is working as a sub-editor at KEYWORD. He leads a team of news writers and regularly contributes his knowledge and ideas for news writing. In his free time, he even writes some featured articles regarding cryptocurrency market updates & latest happenings.
John Roberts
John Roberts is a freelance writer, and he writes about technology, finance, and the crypto market. His years of experience in the news writing makes her content flaws. He has good knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and hence, he contributes price analysis regularly.
Robert Clifton
Robert Clifton is a full-time editor at KEYWORD. He covers most of the news and latest updates regarding cryptocurrencies, blockchain, finance, and much more. He is well aware of the crypto market, and hence, he regularly provides the latest insights into the world of crypto.
Stuart Pearson
Stuart Pearson is a news writer at KEYWORD. His great insight in the crypto industry makes him perfect for his job. He covers the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency news stories.